Fleshjack Boys – the complete line-up of Fleshjack models

Updated: April 3, 2017

There are now just 15 Fleshjack Boys featuring numerous products moulded from your favorite adult film stars! We’ve checked them all out and gathered them together below.

Who are these Fleshjack Boys anyway? Well the Fleshjack Boys are an ever growing and exclusive group of adult models hand-picked to get their own Fleshjack products, so you can enjoy a bit of them yourself. It all started with the Visconti triplets and over the years new adult film stars have joined the ranks of hot men with their own products. From former and current twinks, Brent Corrigan and the BelAmi models, to DJs like the beefy Spencer Reed or party boy/dj Montrealer Pierre Fitch, and the latest addition Jake Bass, the range has a lot to offer. And we look forward to seeing (and trying) future team members as the line becomes more diverse.

But let’s not forget there are many former Fleshjack Boys who have retired (or at least had their products retired). You can pick up a few of their products still while they’re hanging around the warehouse (the products, not the Fleshjack Boys… but we can’t confirm what these guys get up to for fun).

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The current Fleshjack Boys line-up

In 2011 five Belami models joined the Fleshjack Boys club… now only Kevin Warhol and Mick Lovell remain.

There are some new comers on that list too. Sean Zevran, Trenton Ducati and Camstar Jake Orion are the newest Fleshjack Boys. But the honor of being the newest will soon fall to three hot young men from Cockboys, Boomer Banks, Levi Karter & Liam Riley!


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All the Fleshjack Boys

Fleshjack Boy Jake Bass

Jake Bass Fleshjack products

Jake Bass has joined the adult-only boys club we know and love to be intimate with, Fleshjack Boys. Jake has been moulded in Fleshjack superskin with his own Dream texture.

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Fleshjack Boy Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan Fleshjack products

Satisfy your fantasy by slipping inside Brent’s gorgeous pair of lips or his tight ass, molded from Brent Corrigan himself; get Brent’s mouth in his signature Swallow texture and the butt in his Bliss texture.

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Fleshjack Boy Pierre Fitch

Pierre Fitch Fleshjack products

Pierre Fitch’s Fleshjack toys include his butt with Scorpio—Pierre’s signature texture, inspired by his scorpion tattoo—and Squeeze, his gorgeous lips and Swallow inner texture, plus his dick.

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Fleshjack Boy Brent Everett

Brent Everett Fleshjack products

Brent’s Fleshjacks include his mouth with the Swallow inner texture, butt with two textures—the Brent inspired Ecstasy and Squeeze—as well as his dick.

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Fleshjack Boy Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde Fleshjack products

Like all Fleshjack Boys you can get Austin’s mouth in Swallow, and his butt in Squeeze, but you can also pick up the exclusive Eros texture which has a wild and pleasing experience.

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Fleshjack Boy Marcus Mojo

Marcus Mojo Fleshjack products

Satisfy your fantasy by slipping inside this gorgeous pair of lips or Marcus’ tight ass, molded from Marcus Mojo himself.

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Fleshjack Boy Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings Fleshjack products

Get your own Cody Cummings Fleshjack butt or mouth sleeve, including the Untouched texture unique to Cody’s butt Fleshjack. (Cody is the April man-of-the-month).

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Fleshjack Boy Kevin Warhol

Kevin Warhol Fleshjack products

Kevin Warhol is featured with his luscious lips and Swallow texture, but the signature texture can be found with his butt Fleshjack and the exclusive Charmer inner canal which has a tight entry just like Kevin or you can get his butt with Squeeze, plus his dick.

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Fleshjack Boy Mick Lovell

Mick Lovell Fleshjack products

Fleshjack is offering Mick’s mouth in standard Fleshjack Boy inner texture Swallow and his butt in Squeeze and the new Revel canal, which Fleshjack teases by inviting you to “take a detour into one of the bumpiest rides ever!” Yeah and there’s also his dick.

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Former Fleshjack Boys

Retired Fleshjack Boy Donny Wright

Donny Wright Fleshjack products

For Donny’s butt inner texture Fleshjack created the amazing Nirvana canal, which has rows of tight waves that alternate and have a zig-zag effect. (Shudder). And standard in the mouth Fleshjack there’s the Swallow texture.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Jean-Daniel Chagall

Jean-Daniel Fleshjack products

There’s something boy next door about Jean-Daniel, he’s adorable and fit. He also has one mouth Fleshjack and two butt’s to choose from, Squeeze or Paradise.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Samuel O'Toole

Samuel O’Toole Fleshjack products

Molded from the actor himself, includes Samuel’s Fleshjack butt sleeve with your choice of inner texture (Tooleboxxx or Squeeze) and in the mouth sleeve get the popular swallow inner texture.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Dolph Lambert

Dolph Lambert Fleshjack products

Dolph is young but hardly a twink anymore. Get his pouty lips in Swallow or in butt choose between Squeeze and the new texture Delight; complex with bumps and ridges throughout that are sure to please.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Kris Evans

Kris Evans Fleshjack products

Kris is the hunk; big and strong, he’s hardly a twink. Also he has a pretty sizeable cock. With Kris’ butt Fleshjack you can explore every inch of the cool, new texture Vigor, or get his mouth.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed Fleshjack products

The beefy Spencer is also a DJ based in Berlin. Like all Fleshjack Boys Spencer comes in two Fleshjacks plus a high-quality dick. Spencer’s butt is available with two inner textures, the exclusive to Spencer Glory and Squeeze.

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Visconti Triplets Fleshjack products

The first Fleshjack Boys, the Visconti Triplets each have their own of the three products: Jimmy’s mouth, Joey’s butt and Jason’s dick. You could get all three.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Nicco Sky

Nicco Sky Fleshjack products

Nicco Sky joins the Fleshjack Boys team with his special Twilight butt texture, one you’re sure to love. But if you’d rather instead, slip between his gorgeous lips and the popular swallow inner texture.

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Retired Fleshjack Boy Chris Rockway

Chris Rockway Fleshjack products

Get your hands on this hot Randy Blue star, just like the other Fleshjack Boys, you can slip inside Chris’ mouth or butt.

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[…] Corrigan was voted by the public to become one of the Fleshjack Boys along with Brent Everett and Pierre Fitch, and although Everett got the most votes, Brent is my favorite. Unlike the first Fleshjack Boys, […]

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