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Updated on March 3, 2020

Looking for a deal on Fleshjack Boys products? One way to pay less is to actually buy more! When you purchase multiple Fleshjack Boys products, the more items you add to your cart, the bigger the discount. You don’t even need a discount code to unlock this deal—just add multiple items to your cart to start saving!

Save even more when Fleshjack is having a sale!

How does the Fleshjack Circle Jerk sale work?

Buy just 2 Fleshjack Boy products (2 products from different Boys OR two product from the same model), and you’ll start to get those items discounted. The biggest discount kicks in when you add over 8 items ($15.85 off each items for a savings of $31.70 or about 22% off). You then just a little bit more off if you add more products to your cart, but not as much. Choose either a Fleshjack Boy’s dildo or sleeve (and it’s only the sleeve… you need to deal with the case separately).

Regular price on Fleshjack Boys products is $69.95
Buy 2 for $54.10 each
Buy 3 for $51.26 each ($18.69 off each or $56.70 off in total)
Buy 4 or 5 for $47.14 each ($22.81 off each or $114.05 off in total)
Buy 6 or 7 for $45.86 each ($24.09 off each or $168.63 off in total)
Buy 8 for $44.59 each ($25.36 off each or $202.88 off in total)

When you buy one regular priced Fleshjack Boy product, you already get free shipping, plus you don’t need a coupon code to unlock this deal!

The current Fleshjack Boys line-up

If you need inspiration on which Fleshjack Boy to choose… look no further then our complete list of all Fleshjack Boys (including some retired Boys)… or read the list below!

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