How does the Fleshjack really work

You might already know this but we’re BIG fans of the Fleshjack, so we’re always happy to share our advice on getting the most out of your own toys. Welcome to our handy guide to getting started with the number one masturbator. And once you know what you want, we always have the best advice on getting a hot deal on your own Fleshjack (new of course)!

This guide is broken down into two handy courses, and a special take-home solo assignment 😉

101: The basics

The Fleshjack is a version of the Fleshlight, which is the number one best selling male sex toy in the world. Basically, it’s a masturbation aid, but with a big difference, it’s for your dick not your ass. Tops can now find pleasure inside the realistic inner canal of any sleeve. Over 2 million men worldwide love the patented Reel Feel Superskin inner texture of the product. Some say it’s even better than the real thing, and at least it’s there when you need it. Legend has it that a man was denied sex while his wife was pregnant so he went looking for a substitute and developed the Superskin and original Fleshlight was born. Being a cop, he concealed the texture inside an ordinary flashlight case.

Now with over 4 million Fleshlight and its gay cousin sold, the humble Fleshlight has evolved over the years from the Original to the recent Fleshjack Boys model and the current pinnacle of the product’s greatness, the Pure.

For more reading, check out The complete buyer’s guide written by the makers of the Fleshjack

102: Sleeves

When choosing your perfect Fleshjack Sleeve, you need to check out your dick. And in this case the circumference (or girth) is just as important as the length. When the average cock is erect, the penis length is about 5 to 6 inches long and the girth is about 4 to 5 inches. So, you might want to use a measuring tap to get your measurements, or you can just assume you are above average. If you are a big boy, especially in girth, you will want the right Sleeve. The proper measurement will make the difference between an enjoyable and less than enjoyable experience with your Fleshjack. For example, choose a small sleeve and you might feel discomfort when using your Fleshjack, and of course too large and you won’t get the best experience.

“Fleshjack ranks the sleeves from most tight to least tight: Ultra Tight, Super Tight, Wonder Wave/Speed Bump/Super Ribbed, Endurance, Original.”

Now this is a personal preference. Choosing the sleeve is the most important part of purchasing your Fleshjack and even for the makers this is not an exact science. If you are a big boy, then the Ultra Tight might be uncomfortable, so it’s best to try the Original or one fo the textured sleeves. I’ve leaned toward the textured models and experimented with the Super Tight, which some guys have found too tight but I found just right. Endurance has been our mutual favorite for going the distance. I recommend the Jack’s Soda sex-in-a-can models for the price, but the original flashlight case is the sturdiest and more flexible for adding the various sleeves.

Extra credit: taking care of your Fleshjack

I also recommend you purchase lube with your first purchase, even if you have some, you’re going to use it all up! The manufactor recommends that you use only water based lubricants. And this is even more important to know, oil based lubes will break down the special super skin material over time so don’t use them! The makers also recommends Fleshlight renewing powder. You may notice your Fleshjack has a slight powdery feel to the texture, this is normal, but overtime this disappear, so keep your product maintained.

So now that we’ve discussed the Sleeves, maybe you are ready to try your hand at Designing your own. Once you have your very own case & sleeve, you are going to want to break it in and ensure it’s used on a very regular basis. This is important to keeping your Fleshjack in good shape, and you get the added benefit of a regular stress relief whether solo or in a group. We’re always here to give you the latest discount codes and sales so you can get the best deal on your first (and second) Fleshjack.