About Hot Gay Deals and how we save you money

We love to shop but we also love to save. Call it penny-pinching (we don’t, cause we like to pinch other things), call us cheap, but there’s no shame in finding a great deal. We are Hot Gay Deals, the one website devoted to helping the LGBTQ+ consumer get the most out of our shopping dollars.

Over the last 10 years (gawd we’re old), we’ve saved thousands of gays many thousands of dollars. We offer deals, coupons, purchasing guides, product reviews, and any random shopping related advice we think to offer.

We know you lead a busy life (being fab doesn’t come without time & a lot of effort… or if it comes naturally PLEASE bottle it for us), and we know it can be hard to keep up with the best deals on the internet, so we’re going to share them here. (You’re welcome to share any hot gay deals you find yourself).

The Pink dollar has power! We are trend setters (or you probably are… not all of us here at Hot Gay Deals are the trendiest). And we have different tastes, needs and desires—oh and extra disposable income to spend. But here’s the thing. We do not need to waste our hard earned money! We need to be wise and frugal so we can spend on life’s luxuries where it counts (great vacations, entertaining friends, our pets!).

We’re not on some sort of mission, we’re just into a good deal or a hot bargain (basically not paying full price when we can). Also let’s be honest, our attention sometimes wanes so we might skip a few days, weeks, months of posting deals, but we’ve always come back. And we hope you come back too!

– HGD editors

Spencer Terrean (editor & techie)
James Peters (leather, fashion, product reviews)
Chris Parkhurst (travel, digital, fashion)