Why doesn’t Fleshjack have any coupon or discount codes?

The last time Fleshjack issued a coupon or discount code was 2015. Coupon codes used to be available frequently, however Fleshjack now occasionally have sales where products are already discounted. This does mean sadly you can’t use a discount code in combination with a sale, but you can still get a Fleshjack without paying full price. We track all Fleshjack sales and promotions, and we keep an eye on their prices, so we know when to get the best deal.

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How to get the lowest price when shopping at Fleshjack

We don’t keep it much of a secret, we love Fleshjack, almost as much as Kylie and fresh new underwear. And of course we like getting a great deal on the latest Fleshjack when they’re on sale or with a coupon (when they used to promote them). The latest Fleshjack deals are always shown at the top of this page.

Not only do we keep up to date on the latest sales and bargains at Fleshjack, we have plenty of advice on grabbing one cheap.

  • The lowest ever discount Fleshjack has offered is 25%
  • Fleshjack no longer promotes coupon or voucher codes to reduce their prices
  • Fleshjack regularly has sales and promotions including a different Fleshjack Boy each month on sale for 25% off
  • Black Friday and after-Christmas sales are a good time to snap up a Fleshjack on sale, however in the last year there’s nearly often been a 15% or even 25% off sale at various times

With that advice in mind, maybe you have questions about which Fleshjack you want to buy… well you can read our buyer guide on starting out (and getting a good deal on your first or second Fleshjack) or if you don’t believe us with our first-hand experience, check out their own (out of date) guide.


What’s the deal with no coupon codes when Fleshjack has a coupon code box on their check out page? We really don’t know. Maybe they still provide single-use codes for special people. We regularly search the internet and visit Fleshjack.com for the current promotions, but we’ve not found a new code in at least 2 years. It’s the same for the ‘straight’ coupon sites. Just know that the minute Fleshjack does promote a new voucher code, we’ll share it on this page faster than we can get off!

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