What is a Fleshjack?

Our readers have asked, and so we thought we’d answer exactly what is a Fleshjack? Well the simple answer, Fleshjack is one of the best sex toys around, and popular for solo-play (but good when used with others).

The story goes a cop invented the original Fleshlight (it’s a straight thing, best not google that) to fill his needs while his wife was pregnant. This explains why name and shape of the Fleshlight/Fleshjack, a flashlight type body containing a sleeve made of patented ‘superskin’ that gives the feeling and tight pressure of sticking your dick into a hole. It’s better then giving yourself a hand-job, and even though you can get a Fleshjack with a mouth opening (or orifice in Fleshjack speak), the sleeve’s inner texture is closer to the width of the anal canal.

We’ve written several articles on just what the Fleshjack does if you want to read more, we have a buyers guide to the Fleshjack and we also answered the simple question, How does the Fleshjack really work. We even wrote our own Fleshjack owners manual.

There are a lot of models to choose from so it can be overwhelming where to start. We’ve given a lot of advice on this in our buyers guide, but really, pick a classic and get started.

What is Hot Gay Deals?

We love to shop but we also love to save. Call it penny-pinching (we don’t, cause we like to pinch other things), call us cheap, but there’s no shame in finding a great deal. It can be hard hard to keep up with the best deals on the internet, so we’re going to share them here. (You’re welcome to share any hot gay deals you find yourself).
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