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By on September 4, 2017

Latest Fleshjack Canada promo codes & deals

Because Canadians are awesome, we get a better deal at Fleshjack! US customers only get up to 15% off when they spend over $200 in the Love Yourself v-day sale, but Fleshjack Canada is offering 20% off when you spend $200 (which is about $160 US). Now the slight downside, you don’t get the free gifts (which is only lube… no mystery gifts this time).

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About Fleshjack Canada

The hugely popular Fleshjack products are available to Canadian customers shipped directly within Canada. Prices are already set in Canadian dollars to avoid that nasty surprise on your credit card or annoying border brokerage charges (not that the prices in CAD aren’t slightly higher than the exchange rate). The good thing is that most sales in the US store also apply to Fleshjack.ca — you can save the same on both sides of the border and better still, the discount in Canada is bigger!

The original Fleshjack line has stood the test of time as the premiere self-pleasure male sex toys, while new products are added all the time including the Fleshjack Boys series moulded off today’s hottest adult film stars. Fleshjack rarely promotes coupon codes but they do have ongoing sales. Visit their site for the latest offer.

We’re big fans of Fleshjack products and use a wide range of models, including a few from our favourite Fleshjack Boys (Brent Corrigan and Kevin Warhol). Of course we also have hard-ons for our favourite Canadian porn stars Brent Everett (from Saskatchewan) and Jake Bass & Pierre Fitch (both from Montreal).

Brent Everett Fleshjack

The texture was inspired by Brent’s double armband tattoo; the name was inspired by the pure lust Brent brings out in all of the boys.
$79.95 at Fleshjack

We also have a lot of advice on buying your first Fleshjack, and most important on getting a hot deal when buying one. Below you’ll find the latest sales and promotions offered by Fleshjack (we also have a page devoted to current Fleshjack coupons and promotions).

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