New Fleshjack Flight takes off

There’s a new Fleshjack on the block, the Fleshjack Flight. The latest Fleshjack is a sleek and compact refinement of the popular selling sex toy. The clear sleeve with multi-level inner texture is encased in a new stylish aerodynamic case. And to celebrate the introduction of the Flight it’s now on sale for 15% off for a limited time only. Check out the new Flight

First impressions

The Flight is available in two models, the Flight Pilot and the Flight Instructor. I picked the Instructor for my first hands on review because I couldn’t wait to get started so my impatience need to be drawn out by the Instructor’s stamina building design. The box contains the Flight, instructions and a sample sachet of Fleshlube for your first use.

Compared to the original Fleshjack, the Flight feels more solid and the dimpled texture of the outer case provides a pretty comfortable grip. The reduced size makes the Flight easier to hold and less unwieldy; in fact I find it more comfortable to use. I’ll come back to the limitations of size, but if you have smaller hands, the Flight is a good match.

Pop the cap off and you’ll find the swirl of the Flight’s unique orifice, a pattern similar to a jet engine. Unlike other Fleshjack orifices, the Flight opts for a simple less-realistic opening but not as featureless as the closet orifice.

As with other Fleshjack models, the Flight’s sleeve is made from the patented SuperSkin which was designed to feel close to the real thing. And like your other Fleshjack toys, warming up the canal by running warm water through it (or better yet, on your sleeve warmer) is recommended for a more realistic experience. And of course only water-based lube should be used (silicone lubricants can break down the SuperSkin material, not a costly mistake you’ll wish to make).

Taking off

When you’re ready to go, and you’ve warmed up your Flight, unscrew the cap, apply some lube to yourself and the Flight, then slip it on. (That’s the basic instruction for all Fleshjacks; they’re pretty simple). The cap on the bottom controls the suction. Fully closed the suction will be at full strength, so open it up a little to reduce the hold. You may want to try out this feature to get a comfortable fit before getting into the rhythm.

I normally leave the cap closed for maximum suction. When I tried the Instructor, the fit was pretty average, not lose but not super tight. I’m pretty average length wise (6-inches if you’re asking), so I had no issue with the shorter canal on the Flight. This is where your more well endowed man will probably find the Flight limiting (and really you’ll want to stick with one of the full-sized Fleshjack Originals, or any of the Fleshjack Boys).

There are tighter models available from Fleshjack. I found the canal handled my girth pretty well. The session was very enjoyable, but I wouldn’t rank it in the top 10 of my Fleshjack plays. There are hacks, including putting a couple of elastic bands around the sleeve (inside the case), to tighten the sleeve, but should you consider yourself pretty average in the girth department you may want to pick a tighter texture.

That said, the Flight Instructor does it’s job. I came away satisfied, but it doesn’t come quickly and that’s the reason to pick the Instructor over the Pilot. A little stamina training is worth it, but the Pilot will take control and bring you to orgasm faster.

Cleaning up


When you’ve had your release and you are done with the Fleshjack, it’s time to clean up. Remove the sleeve from the case and give it a good rinse under the tap. You will also want to watch the case out, then leave the parts out to air dry overnight/for the day. One thing you will notice about the sleeve when it’s had a dry, is that the SuperSkin will be sticky to the touch. Now’s the time to lightly powder the sleeve with cornstarch/cornflour or Fleshlight renewing powder. Give the sleeve a good rub with any of those powders until it feels smooth again. Put the sleeve back in its case, attach the lids and put it away for next time. You’ll want to give it another wipe just before you use it again to remove any extra starch (trust me, lube and renewing powder mixed together is pretty gross).


At the end of the day the Flight won’t become my favorite Fleshjack, not that I hated it, but it didn’t wow me. Don’t get me wrong, the discreet more compact design of the Flight is great for travel, it’s cheaper and comfortable to use. It makes a good starter model. Like the other Fleshjack models, the cleans up process is a pain, but it must be done. While the price is lower, the quality didn’t feel any cheaper (you’re just getting a smaller unit with less weight and inner texture).

My recommendation is to buy the Flight if you need a smaller Fleshjack; for any other reason I’d point you to nearly every other product. And finally, if you’re a big boy, you should probably just take a pass on this Fleshjack model; it’s going to be undersized for your needs.

Fleshjack Flight new from Fleshjack