Fleshjack Quickshot — the new compact Fleshjack for rapid release

The Fleshjack Quickshot is the all-new take on the original best-selling Fleshjack male self-pleasure toys. The Quickshot is compact, and still packs a big punch. Available as the clear Vantage or regular Boost models, the Quickshot is also an affordable Fleshjack option.

The product features an unobstructed exit point, and heightens the stimulation for both couples’ oral play and masturbation. Its size and tight grip makes the Quickshot perfect for a rapid round of solo play. Or you can put it in the hands (and mouth) of a friend, and let them provide you with some fast and furious fun. The Quickshot is portable, discreet and at a price that will make you scream with pleasure.


Lined with thick ribs and bumps, the Boost’s steely silver superskin sleeve will amplify your pleasure with constant surprises at every thrust. Give it your best shot, you’ll be thrilled with the results. The clear Vantage harnesses the power of the Icejack transparent sleeve for see-through action.

As the most compact Fleshjack ever, the Quickshot has a Dual-orifice SuperSkin sleeve (open at both ends) with caps on each endfor convenient storage. It’s great for solo & both couple play, and with a total insertable length of 3.5-inches you’re likely going to extend through the Quickshot (this means it can be used as supplementary stimulation with your partner). Unlike other models, the Quickshot is non-anatomical and features a new orifice not modelled on the human anatomy.

The new Quickshot is only $34.95 (US), making it one of the most affordable Fleshjacks ever. Check out the Quickshot today at fleshjack.com