The best personal lubricant for your Fleshjack


Updated on March 6, 2020

There are plenty of lubes available on the market, but exactly which lubricant is the best and most enjoyable for use with your Fleshjack — well we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.

Important note: Fleshjack recommends only water-based lubes. Oil-based lubricants including silicon, will damage your Fleshjack, so avoid them. Fleshjack warns you, and so have we!

Fleshlube by Fleshlight

★★★★★ 4.6 out of 5
Obviously the makers of Fleshjack would make good lube to go with its products. I order a bottle every time I buy a Fleshjack (often to get the cart total over $60 for free shipping), so I tend to have a lot on hand… until I run out which is when I reach for one of my favorite alternatives (or really they’re my preferred lube for other uses).

Fleshlube comes in three types: Water, Fire and Ice. Water is your standard Fleshjack approved lube, while Fire and Ice each have the added kick of warming things up or cooling you down. And of course you can pick up all 3 types separately or in a combo pack (pick up the 3 pack Elements combo for 16% off OR the Fire & Ice combo for 17% off)

Now of course Fleshjack would recommend their own products, but they also sell additional lubes, all ones the other HGD editors and myself have tried. We each have our personal favorite and we’ve included them all below. You can purchase most of these products from Fleshjack (say when you’re picking up a new Fleshjack) BUT you can get them for much less from your local drug store OR from Amazon. (We’ve listed the prices on Amazon below and they were accurate when you wrote this article… checkout each product’s page on Amazon to see the current price).

Gun Oil H2O Lubricant

★★★★★ 4.9 out of 5
I’ve been a fan of Gun Oil for many years… I think I even remember when they showed up at pride soon after they launched and quickly ran out of samples (I gave them my address BUT never did receive my free sample). That didn’t stop me from picking up their original lube and eventually getting my hands on their H2O water-based lubricant. Gun Oil is more natural, being glycerin free and containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (so good for your skin). It’s our top pick being one of the best lubricants on the market, smooth & silky, slick from the moment you apply it, and it lasts longer, much longer than our water-based liquids. Gun Oil is perfect for your Fleshjack, plus it’s odor-free and colorless so it won’t stain fabrics.

WET Original Lubricant

★★★★★ 4.8 out of 5
Another popular lube perfect for Fleshjack use, WET lubricant is a high-quality, smooth and thick enough to stay where you put it without being too weak and watery. Also oder-less and color-less, like Gun Oil WET contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, great for sensitive skin. The more viscous fluid may be more gel like but without the stickiness or oiliness you’d find with KY. If Gun Oil didn’t exist, it would be my choice. It’s easy to see why it made our list though (also Spencer insisted as he prefers it over the others).

ID Glide Personal Water Based Lubricant

★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5
My personal favorite is ID Glide, this Fleshjack compatible lube is also a really good product. While easy to clean after, during use it produces an amazing sensation while reducing the friction between your skin and the superskin rubber.

Astroglide Personal Lubricant

★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5
While not my personal choice, James likes Astroglide for all around uses. I know I prefer my lubricants to be designed for my needs, but ‘vaginal’ moisturizing. But Astroglide is very popular and use to find in most drug stores… about as widely available as KY. Astroglide is a very versatile lube which is silky & smooth with an extra bit of slick perfect for the Fleshjack, though you may find this premium product has a thinner texture than other water-based lubricants.


And that’s our list of the best water-based lubricants perfect for use with your Fleshjack. You have a number of choices directly from Fleshjack, or other popular brands compatible and just as good. Now don’t forget, after playing with your toys, get on to cleaning them immediately and protect your investment.

Brands that didn’t make the cut but were still good water-based lubricants (getting a score below 4.5/5) include Swiss Navy Water, Liquid Silk, Trojan Lubricants H2O Closer, and Hello Sailor Personal Lube.

Read the The Hot Gay Deals Fleshjack Owners Manual for more information on how to treat your Fleshjack properly for years of use.