The 6 most popular Fleshjack products


Updated on February 26, 2020

You might already know that the Fleshjack is the most popular sex toy on the market, but did you know which models were the most popular? Well this list shouldn’t surprise you. We reached out and asked which products were the best sellers and most popular with customers, and we got our answer.

1. GO Torque Ice & GO Surge Butt

A new addition from Fleshjack, the GO models in regular pink superskin and Ice sleeves pack in the best things from the full-sized Fleshjack in a compact package ready for travel… or just taking with you on the go. The GO Butt model is also just as discreet as the standard Fleshjack, and the Go Torque gives you the see-through case & sleeve of the larger IceJack.

Fleshjack GO Torque Ice

With the Fleshlight GO's discreet, light and compact design, you're now able to have a blast wherever you go.
$72.95 at Fleshjack

2. QuickShot Vantage & Boost

Also very new to the Fleshjack product line, the QuickShot is not just the smallest Fleshjack made BUT also the first double-ended model to allow couples to play together. The QuickShot is so popular it has made this list in the first year of release! And the product line was extended to include a special edition Gold model AND the first from a Fleshjack Boy, Brent Corrigan. We know we’re sold on it!

Quickshot: Vantage

Portable, discreet, and at a great price, the Quickshot features an open exit for heightened stimulation for solo play or with a partner.
$34.95 at Fleshjack

3. Endurance Jack

The simple inner canal of the Endurance Jack sleeves give you a more realistic experience and apparently forces you to be better in bed. It’s one of the few Fleshjacks I’ve yet to try out, but clearly it’s popular.

5. IceJack

The IceJack line-up has changed a few times over the years, improved with each new version, but basically the same see-through sibling to the standard Fleshjack toy. The original Fleshjack followed its non-gay cousin with a basic and life-like superskin housed in the flashlight shaped case all to serve the purpose of getting off as close to the real thing as possible. The IceJack extended this, but with a twist; you can see the action. That might seem odd when the original purpose was to… but it clearly caught on to become a very popular series.

Ice Jack: Bottom

The Ice Jack: Bottom features a transparent sleeve that lets you (or your partner) watch the action.
$69.95 at Fleshjack

Ice Pure

Get an eyeful of the inside action with Fleshlight's coolest self-pleasure device and only transparent model, the Fleshlight Ice.
$69.95 at Fleshjack

5. The Classic Fleshjacks

There’s nothing wrong with a classic, and although Fleshjack has brought out dozens of different models since launching the original toy, the two Classic models continue to sell well.

All American Jack

The original FleshJack line has stood the test of time as the premiere self-pleasure male sex toys.
$64.95 at Fleshjack

Classic Bottom Jack

The original in classic bottom, is one of the most popular Fleshjack models, and a mainstay of the Fleshjack lineup.
$64.95 at Fleshjack

6. Brent Corrigan

Brent has been the most popular Fleshjack Boy with his original three toys so popular that Fleshjack expanded Brent to the Quickshot range, the only star to be given his own compact Fleshjack. You can pick up any of his products individually or save when you buy a combo pack. Brent has been the Man-of-the-month in October previously, so if you can wait that long you can pick up his products for 25% off (assuming you’re not reading this in November!).

Brent Corrigan Fleshjack

The texture was inspired by the palm trees of California. The name was inspired by the utter joy you’ll feel inside of it.
$79.95 at Fleshjack

Brent Corrigan Quickshot

The Brent Corrigan Quickshot features unobstructed exit points molded from Brent's own mouth and butt.
$39.95 at Fleshjack

The least popular products?

The award for the least popular of the Fleshjack products goes to the short-lived Sword which despite having a good feature just didn’t seem to caught on with customers. (The Sword came in a squeezable case, allowing for pressure to be applied to your shaft when in use).