I took a trip to Paris last weekend just because I haven’t been in months and I just wanted to soak up a little Parisian energy. I went on a mission, first to try a new hotel that’s one of Paris’ best kept secrets (more on that later) and to see what Parisian men are wearing this winter (and I took the clothes I thought would fit in there but not over here in conservative London).


I don’t know where Paris has gotten the reputation for being a glamorous fashion spot, but then again when do you ever see someone wearing anything off the runway on the street. This season men are dressing down as the main choice for bottoms appears to be sweatpants and sneakers. Actually the sweatpant style has been handed down from the top brands with runway versions often in leather. The most popular style features a baggy dropped crotch transitioning to tight lower legs. Hoodies, oversized sweaters and various jacket styles, especially leather jackets finished off most of these looks. (The black leather biker jacket is proving popular this winter).

Rabbit Hole Quilted strips shorts + leggingsThat was the most common look jumping out from the store racks. A handful of men are starting to get adventurous with the shorts/leggings combo that I’m finding hard to submit too. One of my favorite shops in London is independent label Rabbit Hole. They make one line of clothes for both men and women. Rabbit Hole also makes some of the low-crotch styles on the streets of Paris. I’ve also this look among the trendy arty types in Berlin, mostly on men not constrained by jeans.

Back on the streets of Paris your average man is wearing the standard western casual style, jeans. Paired with an array of footwear from designer sneakers to boots. Heavier coats and jackets are in due to the chilly weather as are the scarves, but scarves are a uniquely French accessory seen on men all year long. Go into any mens shop and there will be a large arrangement of patterned thin cotton scarves; they’re an important addition for any man, not just for simply keeping warm.


Overall I was slightly disappointed by what men were wearing with a few exceptions. The trendier parts of the city didn’t yield the fashionistas I was hoping to spot, such as around Le Marais and Canal Saint-Martin. You see pretty much the same outfits around London.