We lean toward using iDevices around the Hotgaydeals HQ except for Chris who has a Kindle and now an Android phone. The rest of us prefer our iPhones, and the iPad is a much better device for reading books. See the Kindle basically has one use: it’s an ebook reader. The iPad is an ebook reader but also great for watching movies, surfing the web or stalking, er I mean checking out, hotties on Grindr. So basically it has more uses. Of course now our iPhones have iBooks which gives us the ebook reading function on the iPhone and saves us from carrying around our iPhones AND a Kindle. Now Chris has been arguing that the Android is better than the iPhone, but the rest of us disagree. Sure there are more models because every mobile phone maker is jumping on the Droid bandwagon because their own software sucks, but Androids are just not as cool… of course they are cheaper. I bet when you are with a group of your friends and the cell phones come out, the majority are probably iPhones. This happened to me last night in a group of seven people one person, gasp didn’t even have a phone, and one had some old handset, leaving five people with iPhones. It’s really a lot of fun to go out to the bar only to switch on Grindr to flirt.

Amazon’s Kindle


The Apple iPad