Twinklight gay vampire movie
With all the craze around the latest Twilight Eclipse release… oh, I know you’ve seen it 😉 … it’s easy to miss that there is a gay adult film spoofing Twilight, and it’s not half bad. Actually it seems Twinklight has been in production for over a year, but Twinkblood (aka a vague spoof of True Blood) was released first. So why all the twinkie vampire porn? Who knows, but if you like vampires having sex and prefer male vampires over the female kind, check out And in case you are only half convinced, Twinklight is a really good film. The sex is great, if you like twinks, and there is a storyline that could revival some low-budget films. Shot in HD and soon to be available in BluRay, Twinklight has better production quality than many low-budget or direct to dvd films. While the acting won’t win Oscars, isn’t better than most porn.

So if you are at all curious, the film can be seen online at Twinklight.