This review has been a low time coming. See over the last few months (or possibly more than a year) I’ve tried out several varieties of slimming underwear, mostly under shirts but also underwear from Andrew Christian and 2(x)-ist. While some benefit is gained (or reduced), the products I have so far reviewed did not fully hide my gut nor do they do much else such as enhance abs or pecs that just aren’t there.

Of course full disclosure, I don’t have a gym perfect body, I’m just not that type of gay (I enjoy food too much). I’m not a bear. I’m average, but I have a little bit of extra fat including a slight bump around my belly. I blame genes (and possibly too much beer). Yet I walk and exercise with little reduction so I was tempted by the quick fix. I still wear the shirts from time to time, but I wouldn’t say they’re perfect, though the closest to achieving a flat tummy happens when I wear my Andrew Christian shirt.

Let’s review… first off with all the shirts, extra length has been added to ensure the shirt can be tucked in. The 2(x)-ist shirt has two layers, both of which are long enough to tuck in and be hidden under another shirt. With the underwear, I was alway conscious that the extra tall waistband would be visible if my regular shirt lifted (one reason I wear the underwear less than the shirts). Of course I have also tried combinations of the two, having the shirt over the underwear creating two layers of compression, which mostly just makes my stomach uncomfortable.

Andrew Christian

Tested: Andrew Christian Active Slimming Tank Black & Active Slim Flashback boxers
Both feature a super-wide elastic band extending over the belly-button which is very unlike the competition and explain why their product works better. The boxers do double duty, effectively lifting the butt while also providing a tall enough and strong elastic to hold back my belly wobble. Unlike the 2(x)-ist briefs, the Andrew Christian active slim underwear has a much stronger elastic which is tall enough. The tank top afforded the best design and compression while also staying out of the way from curious eyes. The elastic is sewn directly inside the shift and is hardly visible. Possibly a smaller size would have compressed my tummy more, though the results with the medium (my normal size) were the best out of all the products.

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Tested: Shape men’s slimming tank with inner compression & Shape Form Slimming Contour Pouch Briefs
Taking their classic tank top shirt, 2(x)-ist added a spandex compression inner-lining that compresses but is also a pain to get on. I even opt’d for a smaller size to ensure maximum compression. As with the Andrew Christian briefs and boxers, the Shape briefs features a extra wide elastic band in place of the standard waistband, yet the results were mixed. Those with the slightest belly bump will benefit, but if you can make your tummy wobble you’re (like me) too far gone. Also as mentioned with the 2(x)-ist briefs (and boxers with the same band), the elastic is too short and weak.

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Tested: Equmen core precision undershirt
I was expecting the Equmen’s hype to pay off but I found the results were less than the Andrew Christian offering or the shirt from 2(x)-ist. The shirt does provide the best and most thorough shaping due to its’ many zones (unlike the single compression Andrew Christian and 2(x)-ist offerings), though ultimately the compression wasn’t enough for my belly. The Equmen does tighten my posture slightly.
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