Do you watch porn? Well of course not, but if you did you probably get your fix from a few places—the internet or a store. Yes, that’s vague. Forget the store because we don’t focus on deals in stores and every experience I’ve ever had shopping for porn has never worked. Problem is a go looking for specific films and your local adult video store probably doesn’t stock everything. That’s one reason the internet must have been invented. The other is for sharing, and there are many legitimate places to find free adult films online. But you do get what you pay for. If you would rather not steal your porn or the free clips don’t do it for you, then you might be one of those people that like getting your porn from an on demand or subscription website. What’s the best solution for you? Well we did some research.

There are two basic flavors of adult film websites: on demend such as AEBN or These two sites offer many pay-as-you-go plans, simply top up your minutes and enjoy hundreds of clips and full movies a la carte. This is good if you only need a few minutes of viewing ever so often. These two sites have many varieties under different names but basically those are the two kings of on demand gay porn. AEBN and Maleflixxx are also very good for seeing the latest or past dvds per scene.

Hardcore viewers who watch porn more often, say several times a week, might be better off with a subscription site. These sites focus on creating original content releasing several updates a week. There are many different sites catering to personal tastes. Like the on demand sites, there are a couple of multi-site outfits that give you access to a number of sites all for one subscription price. If you watch a lot of porn, then this solution is the best for your buck. Purchasing a subscription for several months is usually cheaper than month to month.

Nextdoor includes Nextdoor Buddies, Nextdoor Male and Nextdoor Twink (plus many more), that’s 12 sites all for one price. Start with a three-day trial for $2.95 but you need to cancel immediately after joining or it will renew for the monthly $29.95 price. It’s cheaper if you subscribe for three months.

Belami is the European gay adult film power house with it’s Eastern European hotties, including the Peters twins. They post regular updates, featured videos only available online, including 3D videos. Belami likes it’s orgies, with the more guys the better.

The Gaylifenetwork gives you access to 6 sites, but if you subscribe through then you can get a pass for 7 sites, including the original twink vampire series. Other sites include: Lollipop Twinks, Beddable Boys, Teach Twinks, Best Bareback, Twinkylicious and Gaylifenetwork (second best deal).

AEBN also does a number of subscription sites including Raging Stallion, Naked Sword gives you all-you-can watch access to videos from Colt, Falcon, Lucas and Raging Stallion studios.