In previous years we’ve found hot Black Friday deals from many of the popular retailers we track at Hot Gay Deals including Fleshjack, Andrew Christian, Jockstrap Central, Skiviez, Apple, Amazon and more. Most of these brands are likely to participate in Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) this year as well, but we’ve heard rumors some won’t.


Last year Apple scaled back their Black Friday promotion. Instead of discounts on their popular products and third-party accessories, Apple gave away store gift cards with purchases. Buying an iPad got you a gift card worth $75. However this year the rumor on the street is that Apple will avoid Black Friday altogether. Apple is generally not big into sales or discounts as they don’t see the need to ‘cheapen’ their brand or reduce the price on their popular and hard to find items.


Each year Fleshjack puts on a sale that normally lasts until Cyber Monday. We’ve seen discounts up to 50% on some bundles, but the if you’re looking to pick up any Fleshjack on sale, the biggest discount is 25% which has been the case every year as far back as we can remember. A few years Fleshjack has even used a coupon code for their Black Friday sale. We recommend you check our Gay Guide to Black Friday 2015 on Thanksgiving and Black Friday to see what if they are using a coupon this year. Fleshjack has also discounted their products by 15% throughout the holiday season, so if you are looking for the best deal before Christmas, be sure to buy during their Black Friday sale (post-Christmas they often have a sale, if you don’t get what you want from Santa).

Jockstrap Central

In past years the discount Jockstrap Central normally uses for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is 20%, so we’d expect a similar discount on jockstraps and underwear.


Discounts run deep at Skiviez, reaching as low as 75% off underwear. Skiviez has sales nearly every week so they’re not likely to miss Black Friday.


Black Friday week and Cyber Monday are big for every Amazon site but equally a shopping nightmare. Expect lightning deals released throughout the day (for weeks) on everyday items stockpiled in Amazon’s many warehouses. Everything from DVDs, toys, electronics, personal care products, fashion and household & kitchen gadgets will be on sale. You just need to act quickly. In fact Amazon has already started their sale, check out the Black Friday countdown at