Gay cruises are fun and pampered escapes, but the popular sailings sell out quickly, or at least the affordable berths, leaving you spending more to get on the boat. Popular Atlantis cruises begin as low as $1299 US plus all the extras, so the price quickly begins to add up. When the cruise goes on sale, the affordable rooms go quickly along with medium priced Ocean view or balcony rooms. If you don’t act fast enough you’ll have to spend more for your stateroom, and let’s face it, you won’t be in your room all that much.

There are several set prices that won’t go up as the room price rises. These extras include prepaid gratuities, normally per person based on double occupancy (around $80 to $130), post fees ranging from $200 to $300 (again per person). Atlantis cruises are popular for both couples and singles, but going alone costs more for the initial room cost. Options to lower the price include roommate sharing or going with friends. Most room prices are based on double occupancy, so if you’re going in a group of friends (or three-some), the cost for an additional person (making that 3 to 4 people in the room) lowers the overall cost.

And don’t forget onboard expenses and excursions at port. While the inclusive price will keep you well fed all day long, finding a drink can require a few bucks. Opt-in on the all-you-can drink cups sold at the beginning of the cruise for the best deal. That leaves your bar tab. The boat will have your credit card on file so while the drinks are flowing, don’t forget the end of trip surprise.