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Fleshskins brings sleeve only product to Fleshjack lineup

Fleshjack has brought their well-known quality to a new lower-price point with their newest addition, the Fleshskins. Taking a cue from the compact Quickshot, the Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice is a smaller but no less powerful Fleshjack.

You can control the tightness and intensity of your experience with the amount of grip you use, with the familiar and comfortable skin-soft super-skin material Fleshjack is famous for. Ultra compact, the product can go where ever you go, especially with the convenient store & dry case.

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The Fleshskins is very similar to the now retired Fleshjack Sword, another product that allowed you to squeeze and control the tightness as you desired. But unlike the small Sword, the Fleshskins has been perfected to further enhance both the grip and accommodate more sizes.

Finger holes on the outside give you a more secure grip. It makes the product slightly resemble brass knuckles, but you’re not looking to do any damage with the Fleshskins. And the lack of an outer case you’d normally find with a Fleshjack product, allows the Fleshskins to be a one size fits all toy — in other words, no trouble with girth!

While Fleshjack boosts this is their first ‘sleeve-only’ toy, there was one product before, the soft-case Sword which allowed the product to be squeezed, adding pressure for a heightened experience. The Sword was short-lived, but was also similar to other products available at the time, unlike the Fleshskins which is more unique.

The Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice (quite a name!) does look like a great new addition to Fleshjack, and I look forward to testing one out soon.

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Reviewed by on February 20, 2020

Updated on February 21, 2020

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Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice

Price: $39.95

★★★★ 4 out of 5

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