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FleshPump by Fleshjack

Pump your workouts! Make the Fleshoump a part of your regular sexual fitness routine. Pump your performance! Maximize the strength and endurance of your erections with regular vacuum therapy. Pump your pleasure! Discover your inner orgasmic power and enjoy the FleshPump alone or with a partner.

To enhance your sex life, you need improved power, pleasure and performance. FleshPump uses an automatic vacuum system to gently, safely and gradually draw blood into the shaft of the penis, causing it to swell and become erect. FleshPump is operated with two simple buttons to pump and release, no need for clumsy manual pumping. Step in to the realm of high-performance sexual stamina through stronger, firmer erections!

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How does the FleshPump work

The FleshPump makes erections more easily attainable by using a vacuum to draw blood into a flaccid penis. Erection is attained and maintained by forming a tight and snug seal directly at the base of the body, helping keep the blood in the shaft. Thanks to the FleshPump’s soft “donut” seal, your erection stays strong and feels comfortably constricted without being too tight.

We’ve been told that the results may not be immediate and that using the FleshPump requires a bit of patience and diligence. The FleshPump features an electric pump with quick release safety valve, standard donut sleeve (two included), the cylinder measuring 7.4” length x 3” diameter, and the USB charging cable.

Reviewed by on March 24, 2017

Updated on February 17, 2020

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FleshPump by Fleshjack

Price: $119.95

★★★★ 4 out of 5


  • Durable, professional-grade construction
  • One-touch automation
  • Safe non-surgical alternative to medical procedures and pills
  • Powerful suction for impress performance

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