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Fleshjack has created an iPad mount for your Fleshjack

First there was the PhoneStrap for hands free video viewing while engaged with your Fleshjack, now Fleshlight has just released a new product, an iPad mount for your existing Fleshjack toys, the LaunchPad.

The all-new Fleshlight LaunchPad is the ideal companion for iPad and Fleshjack users alike. Pair these two iconic products to gain a whole new perspective on when using your Fleshjack (and couples play) while enjoying your favorite content on your tablet. Fleshjack released the Phonestrap a few months ago, but the LaunchPad takes content viewing when you’re using the Fleshjack to a whole new level. Strap it on, and get it on. LaunchPad can be rotated to expose either the home button (no idea why, I it could be to quickly exit the video in case someone catches you, but I’d think that’s the least concern) or the front-facing camera for video chats.

Use the rugged handgrips on either side of the Fleshlight LaunchPAD and enjoy a completely new perspective or use your Fleshlight LaunchPAD in a variety of positions, including keeping the device stationary. And it’s easy to clean after use. Just strap your Fleshjack into the case, load up your favorite video and you’re ready to get off.


The only downside at the moment, which I think Fleshjack can solve with its tight connections in the adult film world, are a lack of videos filmed at the right angle perfect for watching while mounted inside the Fleshjack.

The Fleshlight LaunchPad is also available for an low introductory price, $5/5€ off (which works out to close to 16.8% off). If you need a Fleshjack as well, don’t forget they are now 25% off.

For anyone without an iPad or not looking to combine hands-free viewing with their Fleshjack, the company previously released the PhoneStrap which can be used in many situations. Able to hold most smartphones and a few smaller tablets, the PhoneStrap mounts securely to your leg, freeing you to carry on doing the job at hand. While Fleshjack is targeted at the gay market, the promotional photo they use to illustrate the PhoneStraps more mundane tasks you can use the mount shows a guy watching American football… and he still has is jeans on (hey, we’re not ones to judge, but that’s an interesting new fetish).

The PhoneStrap can also be attached while doing pretty much any sitting activity, on the coach watching tv it’s perfect for having your chat app or Twitter open, or watching video the train to work (you know, appropriate for public viewing videos). Check out the PhoneStrap for yourself at


Reviewed by on June 29, 2014

Updated on February 17, 2020