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Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett realistic dildo and Fleshjack

Brent Everett has been a Fleshjack Boy since 2010, and since he’s so popular on the team it doesn’t look like his products are going anywhere. The Canadian-born adult film star has three Fleshjack products—two butt Fleshjacks and his realistic dildo.

When Brent first joined the Boys team you could also get his mouth as one of the orifices, but that model proved less popular despite his pouty lips. Just like other Fleshjack Boys, one of Brent’s toys is available in the popular Squeeze sensation. The squeeze has a tight entry which quickly transitions into a short tightly-threaded passage before climaxing into a wavy canal.

Fleshjack Squeeze inner sensation for Brent Everett

But the real fun happens when you pick up Brent’s exclusive Ecstasy texture. Designed after his armband tattoo, the Ecstasy sensation was “inspired by the pure lust Brent brings out in all of the boys”. The double-ringed tattoo is repeated at regular intervals through the canal giving you a relaxed and even stroke.

Fleshjack Brent Everett Ecstasy inner sensation

Brent Everett is 5’7″, brown-eyed, versatile and 8″ long. And if you want to pick up your own 8″ piece of Brent, you can purchase his realistic dildo. (You will only be able to insert 7″, but with the 5.5″ girth you may find that’s far enough.

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Both Fleshjack models retail for $79.95 (US) and the dildo goes for $59.95. You can often pick up Brent’s products on sale throughout the year, but if you’re looking to get a deep discount on Brent then you’ll have to wait until January when he is the Fleshjack man-of-the-month. You can save now if you buy 2 or more of his products—get a discount when you purchase multiple Fleshjack Boys toys in the Circle Jerk sale. Or you can see what the latest Fleshjack sale is on our Fleshjack coupon codes & deals page

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Updated on February 17, 2020

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Fleshjack Boy Brent Everett

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