Kiss endurance jack mouth goodbye

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Tonight at midnight (Pacific), the Fleshjack Spend more save more sale ends. It’s a good sale if you want to save on anything from the Fleshjack store. But what if you want the Endurance Jack mouth? Well Fleshjack is retiring that model and so until September 29 it’s on sale for $44.95 (and it’s regularly $69.95) including a case… so that’s a big savings on an awesome product.

Here’s the thing, and I haven’t tested it but it’s possible you could use the 15% coupon code or add some lube to get your purchase total over $50 so you get 20% off. But that’s today only.

Now just like trying to earn free shipping from, when I see that I can save a greater amount for just spending a tiny bit more when I am so close to the threshold, I look for the cheapest item to get me over the threshold. If your purchase is just below $50 or $100 (like $44.95 or $49.95) adding a tube of lube will get you over the threshold. And honestly who can’t use more lube (and I always recommend lube with your Fleshjack). Items to get you over the threshold… lube from $5.95 or the Fleshjack gift tin for $4.99.

Check out the Spend more, save more sale