Jockstrap Central just launched two new jock styles from Australian DT Underwear: The Black Label Jock and the classic DT Jock. The first is really high stylin’ but the second is designed with comfort in mind.

What makes the DT Black Label Jockstrap stand out is its original take on the traditional jockstrap leg strap. In one continuous piece, the 3/4 inch elastic strap is also the edging of the brushed cotton pouch. Running along the edges from the waistband to the base, leaving the pouch and traveling around your leg just below your ass cheeks and finally wrapping around to the front and attaching back to the pouch just below the waistband – making for some visually stunning lines.

The classic DT Jock is their take on a basic, comfort first, fashion jock and boy does it succeed. With a soft brushed cotton contoured pouch edged with a cotton covered elastic that ensures the perfect fit.

Jockstrap Central has both of these styles in both black and white and feature a 3/4 inch leg straps and a 1.5 inch plushed waistband with a stylized DT logo in contrasting shiny, almost metallic threads woven right into the band becoming less of a logo and more of an integral part of the overall design.

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