Fleshjack has been quietly discontinuing products in the Fleshjack Boy range, but you can still pick up a few of the former Fleshjack Boys before they’re finally gone.

Fleshjack has a sale page devoted to these hard-to-fin Fleshjack toys and it’s worth checking out. Plus all these products are on sale, now only $47.95 down from $79.95! Which Fleshjack Boy is still available? Well as of today Chris Rockaway, Dolph Lambert, Donny Wright, Jean-Daniel, Kris Evans, Nicco Sky, Samuel O’Toole, and Spencer Reed.

While the Boys were pretty popular for Fleshjack there were 20 Fleshjack Boys in all. The BelAmi and NextDoor stars join other former models, leaving just 12 in the current line-up (and 3 more from Cocky Boys coming soon). Make sure you don’t miss on the last opportunities to grab these limited time only Fleshjacks.

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