Habitat Friends and Family sales event

Shhh, UK readers only

Oh readers you are going to think we here at Hot Gay Deals obsessed with only a few brands, and while that’s partly the case it’s really because the same retailers keep sending offers worth sharing. Every time there’s a Habitat voucher code it’s better than the last one, and here we go again with an offer for 20 and 25 percent off. Now in the Hot Gay Deals email inbox is an offer for 25 percent off for previous customers… which everyone will have received if they are already a customer. Of course the online code is pretty generic so maybe it works? And if it does not, well there’s also a 20 percent off discount too. The second coupon code is actually for sharing with friends… you are a friend so we’d like to share it with you. Both codes are good from Thursday April 22 to Sunday April 25. Now personally I’m not sure I’m going to be using this code, see I just received my purchase from the last sale. Of course there are a few things I want that cost more which means I can save more so maybe that’s a good thing.

Get 25% off everything at Habitat

Or get 20% off everything at Habitat