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About Fleshjack Classics

A timeless product, this classic Original texture will keep you happy for years to come. The Original offers a wider canal than our other sleeves, which is ideal for those with a wider than normal girth. It also has a smooth interior, which is great for those of any size who are more sensitive and want their solo session to last longer.

No matter how much our product line evolves, this progenitor of prosthetic orifices has always been in demand, and is the perfect purchase for both the connoisseur and first time buyer alike.

New to Fleshjack

Wondering how the Fleshjack is the number one selling sex toy? Think that’s quite a claim for Fleshjack to make? Well over 5 million have been sold that there’s a good reason, the Fleshjack works. Their products are high-quality, well-made and not only do the job, but they do it well. We wrote a guide to fully explain how the Fleshjack works, have a read to learn more.