The ultimate Fleshjack guide

We’re big fans of the Fleshjack and use a wide range of their products. We have tested nearly every model from the original Fleshjack to the line of sex-in-a-can products. We have favorite models (the QuickShot and the Go) and treasured Fleshjack Boys (Brent Corrigan and Kevin Warhol). And most all we love getting a good deal on a new Fleshjack.

Because between us we’ve bought at last count over 40 products from Fleshjack, we’d rather not pay full price. So when a big sale comes along, one of us is likely to have bought a new toy. Hot Gay Deals was started over 10 years ago partly because the founding gays wanted to create a website to share not just deals but other shopping advice for other gay men. That included the Fleshjack products.

You’ll find we’ve created an entire page just for the latest Fleshjack coupons and discounts, so go there if you want a good deal. This page is our introduction to our favorite toy.

Below you will find a list of articles & product reviews we have written about the Fleshjack including most important, advice on buying your first (or second, third, etc) Fleshjack. Also we have our own product manual and tips for getting the most out of your new Fleshjack.

Below this we’ve shared a few of our favorite products and a sneak peak at the latest deals from

Our feature Fleshjack articles & product reviews

— James, Chris & Spencer

Popular Fleshjack products

Fleshjack GO Torque Ice

With the Fleshlight GO's discreet, light and compact design, you're now able to have a blast wherever you go.
$72.95 at Fleshjack

Quickshot: Vantage

Portable, discreet, and at a great price, the Quickshot features an open exit for heightened stimulation for solo play or with a partner.
$34.95 at Fleshjack

Fleshjack Flight: Pilot

FleshJack has taken its #1 selling male sex toy and made it even better. The Flight is sleek, compact, aerodynamically designed and discreet – perfect for travel and storage.
$49.95 at Fleshjack

Sleeve Warmer

Fleshlight has made its #1 selling male sex toys even hotter – literally! The SleeveWarmer upgrade device warms your SuperSkin sleeve to a sensual temperature that even further mimics the feel of a real-life sexual experience.
$29.95 at Fleshjack

Fleshjack sales and deals tips!

We don’t keep it much of a secret, we love Fleshjack, almost as much as Kylie and fresh new underwear. And of course we like getting a great deal on the latest Fleshjack when they’re on sale or with a coupon. You can find our page devoted to the latest Fleshjack deals and discount codes.

Not only do we keep up to date on the latest sales and bargains at Fleshjack, we have plenty of advice on grabbing one cheap.

  • The lowest ever discount Fleshjack has offered is 25% except on one rare occasion when the previous IceJack product line was discontinued and discounted by 33%
  • Fleshjack stopped using discount codes for a few years but they’re back
  • Black Friday and after-Christmas sales are a good time to snap up a Fleshjack on sale, however in the last year there’s nearly often been a 15% or even 25% off sale at various times

With that advice in mind, maybe you have questions about which Fleshjack you want to buy… well you can read our buyer guide on starting out (and getting a good deal on your first or second Fleshjack) or if you don’t believe us with our first-hand experience, check out their own (out of date) guide.