Update: Fleshjack has decided to discontinue sale of the Sword. The Sword did not appear to catch on with customers which is a shame — if you’re looking for an alternative, we compiled a a list of the most popular Fleshjack products available.

With its squeezable hilt-shaped case, the Sword by Fleshjack let you take control in a whole new way, giving you a unique Fleshjack experience you won’t soon forget. Now unlike other Fleshjack models, the squeezability of this Fleshjack makes the Sword a lot of fun, plus the ability to better control the pressure fixes a short-coming in some of the less-tight models. I’ve had a few great nights playing with my Sword, and I’m sorry to see it retired.

I was excited when the Sword arrived — from the moment I learned about the new Fleshjack I wanted to give it a try. While I’m a big fan of the regular Fleshjack, I had to wonder if having more control of the pressure applied during strokes would take the experience to the next level.

After getting the Sword out of his packaging and warmed up, I slipped it on and after a few strokes, I found the soft case did indeed offer an exciting new sensation. It takes a few practice strokes adjusting your grip to find the right amount of pressure. The is quite flexible, allowing you to squeeze it in many different ways. Being less rigid, I found I was able to go deeper, right to the hilt.

The grip itself it comfortable and fits well in your hand, probably better than a regular Fleshjack. And unlike the classic Fleshjack case size, which I find slightly too big in my hand and heavy to hold after several minutes (assuming I last that long), the smaller size and lighter weight of the Sword helped make the session easier.

That’s not to mention the wonderful sensation from the Sword’s texture, with its various bumps, nodules and ribs. The texture ranks up there as one of the best Fleshjack has produced. Then you get the added benefit of squeezing the case and taking the experience to the next level. I think Fleshjack have really nailed it with the Sword; I’d recommend it to any Fleshjack fan, especially if you’re looking for a bit more control and intensity.

When you’re done

Like every Fleshjack, when you’ve finished, you need to give the Sword a good cleaning which is where you’ll find some difficulty. Remove the sleeve, wash it out, give it a try and dusting with renewing powder. The fun part will be getting the sleeve back in the case which was a lot trickier then the regular Fleshjack case.