Welcome to our special page devoted to our favorite sex toy, the Fleshjack. We’re big fans of Fleshjack products and use a wide range of models, including a few from our favorite Fleshjack Boys (Brent Corrigan and Kevin Warhol). We have advice on buying your first Fleshjack and of course on getting a hot deal on one. Below you’ll find the latest sales and promotions offered by Fleshjack (we also have a page devoted to Fleshjack coupons and vouchers but Fleshjack doesn’t use them anymore).

But we do you a lot of people have questions about just how good the Fleshjack is and is it worth the money. The short answers, yes and yes! We’ve written a lot about our experiences with each and every Fleshjack.

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Popular Fleshjack products

Fleshjack LaunchPad iPad mount

The all-new Fleshjack LaunchPad is the ideal companion for your iPad and Fleshjack. Pair these two products to gain a whole new perspective while enjoying your favorite content on your tablet.

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Fleshjack Sleeve Warmer

This latest Fleshjack upgrade is designed to warm your SuperSkin™ sleeve to a snug, sensual temperature… just like the real thing.

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Fleshjack Flight

The Flight is a sleek, compact, refined version of the #1 selling male sex toy; stylish, aerodynamic and discrete, the Flight makes it less obtrusive and easier to travel with.

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Fleshjack Classic

A staple in the Fleshjack line of products, the classic was the first sleeve developed and crafted from our patented SuperSkin™ material for our Fleshjack line.

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Fleshjack sales and deals tips!

We don’t keep it much of a secret, we love Fleshjack, almost as much as Kylie and fresh new underwear. And of course we like getting a great deal on the latest Fleshjack when they’re on sale or with a coupon. The latest Fleshjack deal is always on our homepage or to the right of this article.

Not only do we keep up to date on the latest sales and bargains at Fleshjack, we have plenty of advice on grabbing one cheap.

  • The lowest ever discount Fleshjack has offered is 25% except on one rare occasion when the previous IceJack product line was discontinued and discounted by 33%
  • Fleshjack no longer uses coupon or voucher codes to reduce their prices
  • Black Friday and after-Christmas sales are a good time to snap up a Fleshjack on sale, however in the last year there’s nearly often been a 15% or even 25% off sale at various times

With that advice in mind, maybe you have questions about which Fleshjack you want to buy… well you can read our buyer guide on starting out (and getting a good deal on your first or second Fleshjack) or if you don’t believe us with our first-hand experience, check out their own (out of date) guide.

Buy 2 sleeves get 1 free

Save as much as $49.90. When you buy 2 Fleshjack sleeves, they’ll throw in 1 for free. Choose from 3 orifices and 11 different textures.

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Free shipping on orders over $60/80€

Fleshjack offers free shipping on orders valued over $60/80€ and for some full priced items (like IceJack or Fleshjack Boys) this is easy to achieve. But if you’re looking to pick up a Fleshjack Flight, you may want to add a bottle of Fleshlube (you’ll need some anyway).

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Fleshjack special offers

Fleshjack always has a page devoted to their special offers, so if you are looking for a Fleshjack cheap, this is the place to start.

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[…] Welcome to the Hot Gay Deals owners manual for the world’s number one sex toy for men, the Fleshjack. We’re big fans of Fleshjack, we use it all the time and are happy to share our advice on not only buying your own Fleshjack but getting the most out of using and caring for it. If you’re looking for advice on buying a Fleshjack, we wrote our very own Fleshjack Buyers Guide, but if you’re already convinced then make sure you check out the latest Fleshjack promotion or sale. […]

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