Here’s one hot deal Fleshjack offers, when you buy 2 Fleshjack sleeves, you get 1 extra sleeve free. With 3 orifices and 9 inner texture sensations to pick from, you’ll have plenty of choice. Each sleeve is $49.95, so instead of paying $149.85, you get 3 sleeves for the price of 2 at only $99.90!

Best of all, even if you don’t grab this deal during a Fleshjack sale, you still get free shipping AND you don’t even need a coupon code to get this deal.

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How do you pick your Fleshjack sleeves?

First, pick your orifice. You have 3 options to choice from so you could get 1 of each or stick with your fav from butt, mouth or cheeks.

Fleshjack sleeve orifices repeated 3 times — butt, mouth, cheek

Next you select the inner texture sensation for your 3 sleeves… and this might be harder because there are 9 sensations to choose from (Bi-hive, Destroya, Heavenly, Original, Speed bump, Super ribbed, Super tight, Vortex, and Wonder wave).

If you’re already a Fleshjack fan then you probably already have an Original (if not, make that one of your picks). We’d recommend the super tight if you find the Original sensation to be easy to slip on, otherwise go for something unique. Make one of your choices from Speed bump, Super ribbed, Vortex or Wonder wave—these sensations have the same repeating texture for a consistent experience. Finally pick one of the first three ‘staged’ sensations—these textures have different zones the deeper you go, giving you an alternating experience.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free – all 9 Fleshjack sleeve sensations repeated in 3 columns