The Fleshjack Pride sale is now on… and you can get 15% off Fleshjack and Fleshjack Boys products this weekend. Better grab this hot deal now now before the weekend festivities distract you! There are some exclusions including ‘new releases’ but we’re not sure which ones are new. Fleshjack has had fewer sales lately and 15% is not the lowest discount they’ve offered so if you can wait a few months there should be a 25% off sale before Christmas. Of course if you can’t wait, now’s a good time to pick up a Fleshjack including the popular Fleshjack Boys products. This is a good discount on some products that sometimes don’t go on sale, like the Fleshjack Boys featuring Pierre Fitch, Jake Bass, Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Austin Wilde, Donny Wright, Spencer Reed, plus the boys from BelAmi, Nextdoor Studios and Randy Blue.

Happy Pride!