Customers in Europe and the UK now have access to the European Fleshjack store (and good luck trying to get through to the US store anymore). Sadly not all the hot deals that pop up on are available to EU customers. Well basically almost none. I thought there was one offer you can grab hold off, getting an Ice Jack Fleshjack for 10% off. But it doesn’t seem to work. Plus, European Fleshjack customers get free shipping, but you need to spend 150 Euros to qualify and that’s really high. Check out the Fleshlight International store prices, but we have found a better deal.

There are plenty of places for UK customers for example, where a good deal can be found. Cocklocker has a wide range of Fleshjack products, plus more, many of them on sale. Plus Cocklocker offers free delivery. And shopping online is easier from home (and you don’t have to be embarrassed handing the Fleshjack to the clerk to ring up). Visit Cocklocker for your UK Fleshjack needs