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We have 3 working fleshjack.com coupon codes and no Fleshjack discount offers

Updated: April 09, 2020

20% off your Fleshjack purchase coupon

Looking for a hot deal, here's a Fleshjack discount code that's still working and takes 20% off your cart total—we tested it!

Expires on 2020-12-31Verified

15% off Flight toys at Fleshjack

Use this code for 15% off these discreet, travel ready products

Expires on 2020-04-30Verified

10% off Boomer Banks Fleshjack toys

Use this discount code to get 10% off any Boomer Banks products

Expires on 2020-12-31Verified

Shop the best male personal sex toys

Fleshjack coupon codes are rare, having stopped completely for a number of years. You currently won’t find more than a few active discount codes, but we’ve gathered them above. We verify those codes regularly as we never quite know when they will expire. The Boomer Banks code has been active for 2 years, while some of the expired codes below lasted a month or two.

The best way to save on their products is to check out the latest fleshjack.com sale, or to visit their deals page featuring all current discounts and combo pack promotions.

Our aim is to help you get the best price on the number one male sex toy (because we’re doing this for ourselves!).

fleshjack.com savings tips

We don’t keep our love for our favorite toy much of a secret! And of course we like getting a great bargain on the latest product when we can get them at a reduced price. We have advice to help you buy a Fleshjack cheap.

Not only do we keep up to date on the latest events and product giveaways at Fleshjack, we have plenty of advice on grabbing one cheap:

  • free shipping is avaiable on orders over $100
  • The lowest regular reduction fleshjack.com has offered is 25%, however discontinued products and combos can be reduced further (as much as 50%)
  • Coupon or voucher codes are rare—however there are a few current codes availbale on this page
  • There are regular sales and promotions (monthly it seemed) including a different Fleshjack Boy each month on sale for 10% off (Men of the Month used to be discounted 25%)
  • fleshjack.com maintains a deal page with all their current offers—these include discounted combo pack and the Circle Jerk promotion which is a great way to stock up on a lot of Fleshjack Boys products
  • Some combo packs are a great deal! For example, buying the new LoveSack on its own costs $79.95, but for only $1.53 the combo pack gives you a 4oz bottle of lube and FleshWash cleaning solution. There are other lubes and cleaning solutions on the market, for not for $1.53!
  • Black Friday and after-Christmas sales are a good time to snap up a deal, however in the last year there’s nearly often been a 15% or even 25% off sale at various times

With that advice in mind, maybe you have questions about which model you want to buy… well you can read our buyer guide on starting out or if you don’t believe us with our first-hand experience, keep reading!

More about our favorite toy

We’re big fans of Fleshjack products and use a wide range of models, including a few from our favorite Fleshjack Boys (Brent Corrigan and Kevin Warhol). We also have a lot of advice on buying your first Fleshjack, and most important on getting a hot deal when buying one. We’ve written a lot about our favorite sex toy including our Fleshjack owner’s manual, and our page tracking the complete Boys line-up.

The original Fleshjack line has stood the test of time as the premiere self-pleasure male sex toys. While the product line has grown the time, including the Fleshjack Boys series moulded off today’s hottest adult film stars, each new model has been focused on enhancing male sexual experience.

One popular question that always comes up, what is this thing? The simple answer is that the Fleshjack is one of the best sex toys around, and popular for both solo-play and when used with others.

Since its creation, the original Fleshlight (the version for straight men) has expanded to dozens of different models under the Fleshlight brand and the exclusive line for gay men. You can purchase your own in-store or online from various retailers but the best way to get one is direct from fleshjack.com. This is also the surest way to get the best price through the latest promotion or with a discount code.

Where do I apply the code?

(We made a GIF!)

On the checkout page there is a field above your order subtotal (on the right or if you’re using a phone it’s hidden in the Order Summary section near the top). Paste your code in there and hit the ‘Apply’ button.

For the longest time, the company had stopped issuing promos but they left the input field for some reason. In the latest two years a handful of codes have been brought back, and we regularly hunt them down and share them on this page to make sure people get the best price! However they continue to have regular sales (monthly or several times a month) that are almost always a better deal, except if you’re only looking to pick up one product under $100, then a code helps.

Read the Hot Gay Deals buyer’s guide

fleshjack.com shipping details

Your orders will be shipped via UPS in discreet packaging for a fee unless you spend over $100 and get free shipping. There are several service levels (priority order) to pay for, unless you get free shipping in which case your parcel will be sent by UPS SurePost service. While priority service ranges from Next-day Air to 3-day select, SurePost is a ground service that can take between 7–12 days across the lower-48 with the final delivery to your home by USPS (again, discreet packaging will ensure your mail-carrier doesn’t know what’s inside, unless they have ordered one themselves).

UPS Ground is also available for a fee in addition to the 3-day, 2nd day or next day air services. Ground takes 1–5 days.

For more details on the shipping policies read the details

Previous fleshjack.com discount codes

The following codes were tested and found to no longer valid

Title Discount amount Code Status
20% off Build-your-own order 20% off TWENTY Expired
20% off travel products 20% off TRAVEL20 Expired
20% off your order with this 10th birthday code 20% off TENYEARS Expired
20% off all Fleshjack products 20% off DRAGCON17 Expired
15% off for Pride 20% off PRIDE15 Expired
25% off all blue Ice products 25% off BLUEICE Expired
15% off select products 15% off TJOOS Expired
20% off Ice Jack products 20% off ICEJACK Expired
Free St. Patrick’s day shipping free shipping PATRICK Expired
25% off everything for followers 25% off FOLLOWUS Expired
Free sleeve with $60 spend free sleeve ENDUR Expired
25% off for Black Friday 25% off BLACK Expired
20% off Marcus Mojo products 20% off MOJO20 Expired
20% off all Fleshjack products 20% off BRAZZERS20 Expired
25% off everything 25% off GLOW Expired
25% off for SXSF 25% off SXSWFJ2015 Expired

Popular expired Fleshjack coupons


20-50% off select Fleshjack products

For a limited time pick a hot deal on some of Fleshjack's most popular products

Expired on 2020-03-31

10% off Milan Christopher & Diego Sans products

All month long save 10% off these select Fleshjack Boys products

Expired on 2020-03-31

15% off travel-size Fleshjack GO

Pick up some great small & discreet travel-size toys for 15% off with this discount code

Expired on 2020-02-29

15% off all Fleshjack Boys sleeves

For a limited time only, you can save 15% off all sleeves in the Fleshjack Boys range—no coupon needed!

Expired on 2020-02-29

10% off February men of the month products

All month long save 10% off Brent Everett, Jake Bass and Austin Wilde Fleshjack products

Expired on 2020-02-29

20% off Build your own Fleshjacks

Use this discount code when building your very own Fleshjack and save 20% off

Expired on 2020-01-31

20% off all Fleshjack travel products

Pick up some great small & discreet Fleshjack toys for 20% off with this discount code

Expired on 2020-02-2

25% off the Quickshot Launch by Fleshjack

For a limited-time only grab your own Quickshot Launch and enhance your Fleshjack experience

Expired on 2020-02-29

About Fleshjack

Before the Fleshjack came along for gay customers, the product started life as the Fleshlight, so named because the case resembles a flashlight. Developed by a cop, the SuperSkin material was granted a patent in 1998 after many years work to create the right feel to mimic human skin. Together the Fleshlight and Fleshjack have sold millions and become the number one sex toy in the world. Fleshjack offers the number 1 selling male sex toy in the world, their own line of male masturbators designed for gays and made of patented SuperSkin material. Find the latest coupon codes and sales promotions at fleshjack.com right here.

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