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Based in Northern Germany, Bockleder makes their own line of sexy leather clothes including numerous leather trousers available at affordable prices. Get the latest discount codes and sales promotions for Bockleder

Updated: July 07, 2020

Shopping at Bockleder

On top of their affordable prices, you will often find items on sale from time to time, usually about 10% off leather pants or a leather jacket. Bockleder also models many of their products on younger gay men different from how most other leather brands show their gear.

I’m a big fan of these quality German-made leather garments having bought several pairs of pants direct from Bockleder. Most German-made products are solidly built using quality materials, however Bockleder is also affordable, especially compared to similar leather-smiths that charge 2 or 3 times as much.

Bockleder sells a wide range of leather and faux-leader items, but we love the Bockle line. The pants are often so tight I’ve struggled to get them on the first few times until broken in, but it’s well worth it. I’ve also followed the advice everyone else has offered and ordered my leather pants one size bigger. Some of their products are made from lamb leather instead of cowhide, and the English translation on the website often says genuine leather without clarifying the animal.

Our favorite Bockleder products

Saddle leather pants

We love these saddle cut leather pants because they can be worn tight, especially over the ass. They are lined so the leather isn't against your skin unless you pull out the lining. And US customers can these authentic German made leather pants from Amazon!
149€ at Bockle

Bockle Baby Biker Joggers

Of all the Bockle joggers, this is our favorite! The extra ribbing along the front and ass are big draws, and the cuffed ends finish these joggers nicely. We don't even mind the lack of back pockets you get with the regular joggers!
199€ at Bockle

Boyfriend leather pants

Butter Soft lamb leather, crisp cut. The back is shaped to present one of your best assets. Featuring 5-pockets (the 2 back pocket openings are concealed).
220€ at Bockle

About Bockleder

Based in Northern Germany, Bockleder makes their own line of sexy leather clothes including numerous leather trousers. Selling a mix of proper cow or lamb leather gear, Bockleder has several nice styles made of top quality hide. For the tightest products, try out their Bockle Tube or their Bockle super stretch tube pants. They even have their own take on traditional Bavarian lederhosen!

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