For fans of the Fleshjack Boys, there’s a deal that’ll knock a bit off the price tag, the Circle Jerk deal. It’s simple—the more you buy the more you’ll save!

How does the Circle Jerk deal work?

When you buy just 1 sleeve or dildo, you there is no discount, but add a second or third item and you will get 5% off each item. Throw in between 4 and 5 items and the discount goes up to 7.5% each! 6 or 7 items, and you’ll get 10% off, but make it 8 or 9 items and that’s a discount of 12.5% off every item (as much as $7.49 off some products). Then theres the full 15% discount when you buy 10 ovr more items. Okay, that’s a crazy number of products which even we’re never bought in one purchase, but maybe one day!

If you pick up any sleeves you will want to add at least one case! Or just get your fill with a basket full of dildos.

Other perks:

Which Fleshjack Boys are available?

Well all of them to be exact. Choose from the various sleeves and dildos of models Diego Sans, Trenton Ducati, Alam Wernik, Austin Wilde, Boomer Banks, Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Carter Dane, Cody Cummings, Colby Keller, Jake Bass, Johnny Rapid, Kevin Warhol, Sean Zevran, Ricky Roman, Pierre Fitch, Liam Riley, or Levi Karter. You can combine products from different Boys or pickup several items from the same Boy!