Retired Fleshjack products

By on January 14, 2017

Over the years Fleshjack has discontinued several of their products including retiring a few Fleshjack Boys. As these models are taken off the market, I’ve kept track of many of them and wish to share my personal favorites which sadly aren’t on the market anymore, at least not directly from Fleshjack.


The Sword by Fleshjack

With its squeezable hilt-shaped case, the Sword by Fleshjack let you take control in a whole new way, giving you a unique Fleshjack experience you won’t soon forget. Now unlike other Fleshjack models, the squeezability of this Fleshjack makes the Sword a lot of fun, plus the ability to better control the pressure fixes a short-coming in some of the less-tight models. I’ve had a few great nights playing with my Sword, and I’m sorry to see it retired.


Cockula and Sex-in-a-can

I was first introduced to the Fleshjack just before the Cockula was released. Cockula was a vampire-themed model introduced in 2009 at the height of the Twilight and True Blood popularity (there was even a gay ‘parody’ of each film, Twinklight and Twinkblood… both of which are pretty hot). Cockula was also the first Sex-in-a-can model and led the way for that series of affordable Fleshjacks, all shaped like a large soda can.

The Sex-in-a-can series…
Available in several ‘flavors’, the sex-in-a-can followed the introduction of the Cockula with a simple custom Fleshjack sleeve in a soda-can style case. Regular sleeves were not compatible and maybe the themed approach wasn’t as sexy.