With two models to choose from, now’s your chance to pick up one of each. Buy a Flight Pilot and Flight Instructor together (or two of the same model) and save 50% on the second Flight, bit like getting a roundtrip for less! Get both in a combo with a bottle of Fleshjack lube to get you started, and you’re ready fro takeoff. Don’t wait too long or you’ll miss your Flight.

About the Flight by Fleshjack

Smaller, lighter, refined and more discreet, the Flight is perfect for travel. Pilot comes in a black case and it’s unique texture is turbulently pleasurable, incorporating a number of texture (bumps, fingers, ribs) and canal width changes that will have you flying to new heights. The Instructor, available in white, is designed to simulate a more sensual ride, our Instructor texture will take you to dizzying heights again, and again; providing you a more compact and discrete stamina training partner. Flight’s stylish, aerodynamic design and discrete insert makes it less obtrusive and easier to travel with and store, showing that Fleshjack continues to improve and innovate their products to make them better and that helps explain why the Fleshjack is the number one best selling male sex toy in the world.

New to Fleshjack

Wondering how the Fleshjack is the number one selling sex toy? Think that’s quite a claim for Fleshjack to make? Well over 5 million have been sold that there’s a good reason, the Fleshjack works. Their products are high-quality, well-made and not only do the job, but they do it well. We wrote a guide to fully explain how the Fleshjack works, have a read to learn more.