Belami Fleshjack Boys

Five stunning Belami models joined the Fleshjack Boys team in 2011, Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Jean-Daniel Chagall and Mick Lovell. They have since retired Jean-Daniel, Dolph and Kris, but Kevin and Mick are still going strong.

You can still pick up a few retired Fleshjack products featuring Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert and Jean-Daniel Chagall on the Fleshjack Collectors corner sale page (while supplies last)

Kevin Fleshjack Boy

Kevin is one of our personal favorites at Belami (and Fleshjack)… he’s cute, twink-ish and has a slight bad boy edge (that’s probably thanks to the neck tattoo). The green-eyed Texas has actually grown out of his twinkie phase and is really coming into his own while chiselled looks and piercing eyes to go with his tight athletic build. Kevin’s exclusive Fleshjack texture Charmer is tight with plenty of jagged edges to stimulate you in all the right ways. The randomness of the Charmer sensation helps make every stroke feel exciting and new since the rhythm isn’t repeated. Kevin’s Fleshjack is one of our favorites and we’re glad he continues to be a Fleshjack Boy! (In 2016 Kevin was the Fleshjack man of the month for June… maybe you’ll also be able to save 25% off his products in 2017 as well).

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Mick Lovell Fleshjack Boy

The towering 6 foot 2 inch blond-hair blue-eyed demi-god that is Mick Lovell has the exclusive texture Revel, one that promises a bumpy ride and one you’re likely going to enjoy, or if you prefer Mick’s Fleshjack is also available with the popular Squeeze sensation.

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