Aussie Boys Go Wild on DVD

UK deal hunters, Aussie Boys Go Wild is being released tomorrow (March 14) on sale for only £8.93… that’s 31% off the regular price of £12.99. The weekend starts when Rick Chester is taking off to the beach with his best mate Kristian, both leaving behind their boyfriends to fend for themselves in the city. No one is innocent in this story and everyone gives way to their basest needs. While the boys are away a chain of desire unfolds based around Sydney’s metropolitan gay scene, featuring a group of guys whose lives become entangled in a tangled web of lust. Check out Aussie Boys Go Wild from

Better yet, what other deals are there on… Get Aussielicious for only £4.59, that’s 65% off the regular price. Aussielicious follows Lovers Kristian and Jake who are expecting to enjoy a lazy spring Sunday together at their ocean front home but from the minute they wake, a steady stream of diversions arrive to spoil their perfect day. Don’t mistaken Aussielicious for some softcore film with much of storyline… from the opening scene it’s action, and for less than a fiver, it’s a pretty good deal.

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