Swiss Navy personal lubricant
I shop from Amazon a lot these days. They sell everything and at better prices than most retailers. This includes lube. Example, Swiss Navy silicone prsonal lubricant is only $17.79 from Amazon, but directly from Swiss Navy the 8 ounce bottle costs $25.95. You can also get Stroke 29 masturbation cream from Amazon, or good old Gun Oil. Even Boy Butter and condoms are available. Amazon even sells Fleshjack products, but for full disclosure I have checked the prices and the better deal maybe Amazon if your order gets free shipping, but with the best deal is with any Fleshjack promotion (such as the current sale)… except Amazon’s price for the male g-spot prostate massagers is cheaper than at Fleshjack (like the Rocks Off Rude Boy prostate massager).

UK readers can also pick up many of these same products from Stroke 29 masturbation cream, Gun Oil, and Swiss Navy silicone lube.