Well the old Icejack is now gone, but the folks at Fleshjack have replaced it with the all-new Icejack which features the new crystal texture, a multi-stage experience unlike any other Fleshjack. It all begins at the “chilling entry” where you are greeted by a bulb filled with small slightly pointed bumps. Next you experience the “ice sheets”, two canals featuring a set of teasing bands into an aggressive set of thick waves of wonder. This is followed by the “glacier gallery”, a field of odd shaped glaciers meant to stimulate your most sensitive area. For those who “have the longitude” to reach the next next stage, “latitude and longitude” is as Fleshjack puts it “grid texture mean to pluck at your head”. And you’re not even done as there is one final stage, a ribbed and narrowing funnel meant to put “the most intense sensations on your tip.”

Check out the new Icejack Crystal at Fleshjack