Black Friday and Cyber Monday has ended but Fleshjack has made a liar out of me by NOT ending their sale. 25% off is the biggest discount Fleshjack has ever given, previously it’s only been as low as 20% for this sale and post-Christmas, and it’s still on. So the question is why aren’t people snapping them up.

But here’s the thing, I think if you’re reading this you already have a Fleshjack, and maybe, just maybe, everyone has their Fleshjack and doesn’t want a new one and therefore sales have declined. It’s a theory. Another is that all the people who’ve heard of the Fleshjack now either have one or don’t think they’ll ever get one. Hey for most men, finding sex is not that hard so unless you constantly need to get off and can’t get enough release, you don’t need a Fleshjack. Obviously these things don’t wear out because no one seems to need a replacement. And I guess few people want more than one even though Fleshjack is always designing new and better products. Maybe now is the time to pick up a new one, because if you haven’t bought your first one, I highly recommend them (and here’s the 101).

Save 25% off every Fleshjack product, whether it’s your first Fleshjack or your fourth, get inside one of their Fleshjack Boys, or you could even work on your longevity with the Endurance Jack. No matter which Fleshjack product you want, this is the time to buy. And even though I’m now basically begging go visit Fleshjack now, because I bet you don’t know how good they are. If you disagree, please tell me! If you do agree and already have one, why have you read this fair!