Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett and Pierre Fitch Fleshjack Boys products 20 percent off

Sale ends today, March 16

The Fleshjack month of love sale is over but you can still grab a deal on a brand new Fleshjack. Here I thought we’d have a break from the bargains at Fleshjack, and you’d be spared our constant posts about their great products. To be honest, I have several new Fleshjack sleeves I picked up in the sale, but grabbing my own Brent Corrigan mouth Fleshjack has been on my list. But I just heard news that the new Fleshjack boys products are on sale for 20% off for a limited time only. And this beats the previous discount of 15% on the Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch and Brent Corrigan products.

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