Where to buy the Nintendo Switch console in 2017

Posted on: January 14, 2017

Nintendo has now announced the release date for their next big console generation; the Nintendo Switch will be released March 3, 2017. The only question, will you be pre-ordering one before it’s too late?

The Switch is going to be a popular product to revival the original Wii release. Nintendo has wisely avoided making this a Christmas 2016 hot product, but make no mistake, it’ll be hot in 2017 (and probably for Christmas 2017). It’s very likely the Switch will be hard to find all-year!

Nintendo has yet again redefined gaming, bringing what they know in home consoles and portable gaming into one great package. While serious gamers may want to stick to Xbox and Playstation, Nintendo makes the consoles of the regular casual gamer. The Wii was a cool console with a lot of fun off the couch games.


Included with the Nintendo Switch are tje left and right Joy-Con control with wrist straps and grip. The Switch features a 6.2″, multi-touch screen with a 1280×720 resolution. It has a 32GB internal storage with wifi and USB-C connector, and support for up to eight Nintendo Switch players.

We’ve listed a few places you can pick up the Nintendo Switch in the US… and we’ll keep an eye on stock levels.

In stock / Pre-order

Out of stock

Check out the preview trailer from last summer!