Spring or Summer in Europe—an easy gay-friendly holiday

Posted on: February 7, 2011 · found by

It may be February and your holiday thoughts are leaning toward a winter escape, but now is also the time to start planning your summer escape. The all-gay cruises have sold out, so why not pick a hot gay travel destination like Europe for a late Spring or Summer vacation. Anytime between May and July you’ll be able to a great time in any number of world-class cities, but word to the wise, avoid August, the month Europeans take a vacation and the busiest time of the tourist season.

Experience just one European city or try a whirl-wind multi-city tour. The list of cities is nearly endless and certainly exhausting: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Rome, Barcelona, Ibiza or the Greek Island of Mykonos. Each city has weeks worth of cultural and touristy attractions, plus gay clubs packed late into the night. There are party destinations like Ibiza or the beach getaway of Mykonos, or hit one of the metropolises and enjoy gay pride in a foreign land. Whatever you choose, Europe has everything.

Most European cities are tolerant and welcome the gay tourist (and their Euros). It’s hard enough to pack into a short visit every sight and experience in one place, let alone an entire continent. Land in one city and explore fully, or travel across several countries easily with a rail pass or using the many low-cost airlines that serve the EU (although we’re not fans of cutting corners and booking cheap flights). Once in a European Union country, travelling around is as easy as crossing a state line. You can start planning ahead now, or book your return flight from one city and make up the time in between on the fly.

Over the next few months we’ll share the best places to go throughout Europe. And we welcome your own experiences. Whether your visit the many gay areas of London, or spend a weekend in Le Marais district of Paris, we’ve been there and will happily share our tips, including the best way to get around.

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