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Posted on: January 28, 2017 · found by

Not long ago the best place to rent gay movies was at your local gay neighborhood video store, but now in the present we’ve free to rent almost any film we wish at the touch of a button from several places. But who is the best?

There are three large options to choose from: iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and it probably comes down to which streaming device you own or which service you have an account with. Whether you have a Roku, Google Cast or Apple TV, an Amazon FireTV stick, or your streaming from your laptop/tablet, you’ve probably picked your store based on your device.

You may also, as I do a lot now, watch movies and television shows right on your iPad (or MacBook). I usually pop on a film or show when I’m working at home… the iPad is my second screen. Of course Netflix is one of my main sources for tv and movies, and Netflix has a good selection of gay movies to stream.


Over on Amazon you can rent or buy from hundreds of gay films in every genre and grouped into channels including the HereTV channel which produced a lot of their own content a decade ago. In addition to subscribing to Netflix, I have an Amazon Prime Video account, however I’ve not rented any films through Amazon that aren’t already on iTunes. There’s also no easy to find hub of gay films on Amazon, but we’ve found a way to link to all the gay videos on

View all the gay movies available on

Google Play

Google Play has a wide selection of LGBT movies nicely grouped and organized on the Play store. You’re likely going to find the exact same catalog of gay films on Google Play as you will on iTunes and for the same price, so again it really comes to what store your devices support. Despite owning an Android phone at one time, I found getting my payment details into Google never worked so the only films I have in my account are freebies.

Take a look at the LGBT films available on Google Play


Apple has been in the movie rental business for over a decade beginning back when you could watch tv shows and films on the tiny iPod Video screen (and before the arrival of the iPhone & iPad). They also have a great selection of LGBT films covering all the genres. Each pride season Apple updates their LGBT section but it often disappears when pride is over (not that it’s ever truly over!), or the list is not a complete picture of every gay film available on iTunes. This is why on our companion website Uberfag, we’ve been tracking our own list of gay films on iTunes and grouping them into genre sections for drama, comedy, foreign and even the tiny collection of gay horror films.

Check out the LGBT movie collection on iTunes

Uberfag is building its own database of gay films and linking them to each of these three main stores. We already maintain an extensive list of gay movies available on iTunes which was just updated and improved with better results tied directly to our database.