Free movie rentals at a Redbox near you

Posted on: July 27, 2010

Live in the US? Is there a Redbox near you? Well apparently each day there is a promo code to get a free rental (usually a one-day rental so they get you when you don’t return the dvd immediately). Of course you could search the internet for the latest code (and we’ll find a way to post them ourselves), but there’s an app for that. Inside Redbox Pro gives you the daily code right on your iPhone, so the next time you are standing by a Redbox and want to rent a flick, tap the app. Download it here.

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  • iTunes 99¢ rentals go crazy

    Apple has upped the ante on the number of 99¢ movies offered for rent each week (US store only). Renting movies on iTunes is great especially if you can’t find something to watch and you only seem to pick up a video at your local video store. Rent movies on iTunes

  • Northbound Leather: the more you give the more you save

    Looking for some new leather, check out North Bound Leather. Right now they are have an offer, save up to 25% on 5 items (1 item gets 5% off, 2 items get 10% off, 3 items get 15% off, 4 items get 20% off). Either way, you get some nice hot leather (or rubber) and get off.

    I have shopped at a lot of leather shops and my favorite is North Bound. If you are ever in Toronto, Canada, it’s worth a trip to their shop not far from the gay village. The staff are very helpful and friendly, especially the owners, and if you can’t find the exact outfit, they will custom make it for you. Now leather is not cheap, and should not be. North Bound is not the most expensive (that goes to RoB), but the quality is the best. Everything is made in the workshop above the store. You could buy cheap leather but it doesn’t have the same feel, weight, texture and longevity. Seriously, good leather is lasting.

    They will ship internationally, but make sure you have some take your measurements… don’t rely on the sizing of your other clothes, but this goes for all leather. I just bought an awesome pair of leather pants a size too small, and already I wish I’d gotten two sizes too small (that will teach me to buy leather in the middle of a diet).

  • Get 24 percent off Andrew Christian ActiveShape boxer

    Andrew Christian ActiveShape Boxer

    Until midnight Pacific today, July 26, save 24% off the ActiveShape boxer, style 9191 only using the special promo / coupon code.

    Get 24% off the ActiveShape Boxer