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New Fleshjack Flight takes off

There's a new Fleshjack on the block, the Fleshjack Flight. The latest model is a sleek and compact refinement of the popular selling sex toy. The clear sleeve with multi-level inner texture is encased in a new stylish aerodynamic case. And to celebrate the introduction of the Flight it's now on sale for 15% off for a limited time only.

Written by James Peters Posted: February 29, 2012
Product Review

Fleshjack Sword

With its squeezable hilt-shaped case, the Sword by Fleshjack let you take control in a whole new way, giving you a unique Fleshjack experience you won't soon forget. Now unlike other Fleshjack models, the squeezability of this Fleshjack makes the Sword a lot of fun, plus the ability to better control the pressure fixes a short-coming in some of the less-tight models.

Written by Chris Parkhurst Posted: November 23, 2011
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Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

Satisfy your fantasy by slipping your cock inside one of four unique Fleshjack models molded from Brent Corrigan himself! There's the Brent Corrigan Fleshjack Mouth sleeve with Brent's gorgeous pair of lips and Swallow inner texture, the two butt models with the Bliss and Squeeze inner textures, and all are set in a powder blue Fleshjack case.

Written by James Peters Posted: June 12, 2011
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Fleshjack Original Mouth Jack

For the guy new to Fleshjack, they’ve made it easy for you, the Mouth Jack comes with the Fleshjack Mouth orifice and the Original inner texture. This is the texture that started it all - the perfect choice for first-time buyers. Of course you can customize the inner texture or pick up a different case.

Written by James Peters
Product Review

Fleshjack has a new model the Fleshjack Pure

The new Fleshjack Pure orifice Fleshjack has announced a new Fleshjack, what they are calling the purest Fleshjack experience and so it's called the Fleshjack Pure. Pleasure connoisseurs know that two things create the perfect Fleshjack experience. From the brand new exhilarating inner texture to the super-designed orifice that gets you to the good stuff faster, there is never been a more pure and fulfilling experience. Now available for $69.95, the Fleshjack Pure is sure to be popular, and we will keep an eye out for the first time this Fleshjack goes on sale so you can get a great Fleshjack deal.

Check out the Fleshjack Pure for yourself

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All new Icejack by Fleshjack featuring the new crystal texture

Well the old Icejack is now gone, but the folks at Fleshjack have replaced it with the all-new Icejack which features the new crystal texture, a multi-stage experience unlike any other Fleshjack. It all begins at the "chilling entry" where you are greeted by a bulb filled with small slightly pointed bumps. Next you experience the "ice sheets", two canals featuring a set of teasing bands into an aggressive set of thick waves of wonder. This is followed by the "glacier gallery", a field of odd shaped glaciers meant to stimulate your most sensitive area. For those who "have the longitude" to reach the next next stage, "latitude and longitude" is as Fleshjack puts it "grid texture mean to pluck at your head". And you're not even done as there is one final stage, a ribbed and narrowing funnel meant to put "the most intense sensations on your tip."

Check out the new Icejack Crystal at Fleshjack

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Count Cockula review

I have to admit that I’ve never before used a Fleshlight or Fleshjack product but I have managed to procure and evaluate the Count Cockula Sex in a Can, so my review is basically about Cockula with no previous experience with any Fleshjack product.

Written by Spencer Posted: October 29, 2009