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I stumbled on something today while browsing around Priape (I was checking the site for deals... that's another topic). Hey now I know porn is about fantasies, but sometimes a studio might be going a little overboard on one genre.

Written by James Peters Posted: September 9, 2017

Cocky Boys: One Erection

At the end of their 2015 world tour, boy band sensation New Direction went on hiatus. During that time, the band decided to produce a documentary. The film did not go as planned.


CockyBoys: Arad WinWin and Liam Riley

Liam Riley is very horny... and he wants to get off. This is his ultimate fantasy: he's in a hotel room, he leaves the room, he sees a man in the elevator. He doesn't know if the man is gay or straight, but he likes the thought of being taken advantage.

Adult Deal

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